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Location: Guilford, CT

General Contractor for new two-story, 24,250 sf brick and structural steel facility that consolidates the town’s emergency departments onto one centralized campus. The building houses fire trucks, ambulances, other EMS vehicles, and includes office space for personnel along with training and meeting rooms. Design features include a climbing wall and repelling practice course on the outside of a new 56-foot clock tower with an observation deck.

Noteworthy: “Completed on schedule and under budget, the facility has been a welcome addition to our community. This project was a true team effort, start to finish. Two key challenges for this project were the removal of construction waste found on the site and the high water table. Your team quickly pulled together a [waste] remediation plan [and] a plan of interim pumping and permanent de-watering system.” Joseph Milano, Chair, Emergency Services Building Committee

Winner: First Place, Project Team Awards, Connecticut Building Congress

Architect: Noyes Vogt Architects, Inc. 

{Project Title}