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Location: Stamford, CT

General Contractor for a 20,000 sf renovation and a 120,000 sf addition, including 25,000 sf food court and 35,370 sf outdoor plaza with an elaborate snow melt system. The project transformed a 1970s “bunker-style” urban mall into an updated, more welcoming retail destination – completed in time for the holiday shopping season. The renovation project included a dramatic mall addition set on a pedestrian-friendly outdoor plaza that featured seven new restaurants, the state’s largest Barnes & Noble, and several other retail offerings. Within the existing mall, KBE constructed an open dining area and a Disney® and Looney Tunes®-themed child play area.

Noteworthy: “For this [project] to be possible, the effort put forth by the [KBE] team to facilitate a cooperative effort among subcontractors, the design team, and the owner, had to be at an A+ level. Your team exercised leadership and forward-looking measures that kept the many, many threads of the project in order.” – Jarrell DeBrohun, Vice President (former), Taubman Companies

Architect: JPRA Architects | Farmington Hills, MI

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