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Location: Stamford, CT

Design-Builder and Constructor for a 158,004 sf, 489-car, five-story parking garage set on a very challenging site, adjacent and abutting an existing retail center. The elevator core was separated from the garage proper and enclosed by a decorative multi-colored curtain wall along its front.

Noteworthy: “I am writing to express my appreciation of the KBE team. Your team..worked diligently to produce a building that is not only the nicest parking garage in Stamford, but an exceptional piece of architecture…When it was necessary to take responsibility for the problems that might occur on any job, even when they were not of your making, [KBE] did not hesitate to stand up tall, and… do what was necessary.” – Stephen C. Osman, Chairman, Urban Redevelopment Commission

Architect: BL Companies | Meriden, CT

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