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Location: Bridgeport, CT

Construction Manager at Risk for the four-story, 60,000 sf residence hall, which provides housing for 220 students in a variety of configurations, including suites and traditional bedrooms, along with common rooms and student support services. The building is a block-and-plank structure with pre-fabricated metal roof trusses topped with asphalt shingles. Design features include a steeply pitched roof with wide overhangs and a facade of brick on the first story and siding on the upper floors. Building heating is supplemented through connections to the University’s existing Fuel Cell building and a heat exchanger to take advantage of excess heat produced by the Fuel Cell building. Scope of work also includes demolition of the adjacent, 11-story Schine Hall to provide student parking as well as site work for the new construction. With a design reminiscent of the architectural style of the surrounding neighborhoods that were built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the new residence hall will complement the historic neighborhood while utilizing modern sustainability features.

Architect: Antinozzi Associates, P.C. | Bridgeport, CT

{Project Title}