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Location: Bridgeport, CT

Construction Manager at Risk for multi-year, campus-wide facilities improvement program, including new IT infrastructure and electric grid, renovations of Manderville Hall School of Business, Wahlstrom Library, anatomy labs, medical technology, Biology & Chemistry labs, renovations to the President’s Office, the new Fones School of Dental Hygiene, and new athletic fields, seating and press box.

Noteworthy: “Your team definitely rose to the challenge of managing the work within an occupied building and working around the daily academic and clinic activities. The project was conducted professionally and respectfully, and we always felt that your team had our best interests at heart.”  Meg Zayan, RDH, MPH, Ed.D., Dean, University of Bridgeport

Architects:  Antinozzi Associates, Bernstein & Associates Architects

{Project Title}