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Connecticut College KBE Building Corporation
Partnering your next project:
A win-win for everyone

Our Partnering Method

Imagine a project with zero claims. A truly collaborative working partnership so enjoyable that even hardened trade contractors say they’ve never enjoyed working on a project so much. A project where nobody gets thrown under the bus and trade contractors actually go out of their way to help another trade, even if it’s out of their scope of work.

That’s been the reality of every KBE project at Connecticut College since 2005 – more than $53 million of renovations, facility upgrades, new construction, infrastructure improvements, and more.

The reason? Collaborative Partnering.

Partnering in the design and construction industry describes the formal practices and processes used to build high-trust relationships between all project team members on construction projects. This collaborative work style focuses on a “win-win” relationship for everyone on the project team – the owner, constructor, design consultants, trade contractor, and vendor. On “Partnered” projects, the unique goals and objectives of every team member are recognized and supported by the rest of the team.

The results? No finger-pointing, no blame games. Instead, the entire team – owner, designer, construction manager, trade contractors – are all fully focused and engaged on truly solving problems together, with a shared common goal of success for everyone on the project.

Benefits of Partnering

According to the International Partnering Institute, partnering can be used on any size project with any type of delivery method with the following results:

  • $1 invested in Partnering = $81 saved.
  • Every $1M spent on a construction project supports 12.4 total jobs and an additional $825,858 in local economic output.
  • Collaborative teams perform better in terms of schedule, cost and quality.
  • Dispute prevention and resolution reduces claims. The average claim in the US costs $29.6 million and takes 16 months to resolve.


KBE Experience on Partnered Projects

KBE has been actively involved in Partnering since 2005. We have implemented the process on a number of projects, including the following, with such noteworthy results as Zero Claims on all of our Connecticut College projects since 2005.

  • Connecticut College, Annual Asset Reinvestment Programs, 2005 – 2016
  • Connecticut College, New London Hall Science Center
  • Connecticut College, Shain Library
  • Connecticut College, Steam Boiler Replacement
  • Armed Forces Reserve Center, Middletown, CT


Partnering Awards and Accolades

  • Partnering Awards, International Partnering Institute | John Martin Partnered Project of the Year
  • Steam Boiler Replacement, Connecticut College | Sapphire Award (2015)
  • New London Hall Science Center, Connecticut College | Sapphire Award (2013)
  • Asset Reinvestment Program, Connecticut College | Ruby Award (2010)


KBE builds Connecticut College Shain Library“While this project could have been a nightmare, “Partnering” made the difficulties easier and more enjoyable to resolve. I wish more projects would employ this concept – it would make the construction industry a better industry and elevate the level of construction quality, not to mention an improved quality of life for all.” – Larry Vallieres, President, State-Wide Electric, Inc.


KBE Connecticut College Science Center“In my nearly 25 years working in this industry, I cannot think of a more challenging project. However, thanks to the partnering culture fostered at Conn College, it has also been one of the most rewarding. I can only hope that more institutions will adopt this philosophy.” – Jim Cusano, Lead Systems Specialist, Johnson Controls


KBE build Connecticut College“The project was 80% complete when we realized water infiltration on many areas at the old building. This became a major obstacle. On any other project this would have been major law suites and finger pointing…the entire job would have been taken over by lawyers. NOT THIS ONE!! The entire partnering team sat down and came up with a conflict resolution. It meant a tremendous amount of labor to remedy the problem. No one hesitated; they just wanted to get it watertight. Everyone went to work without any concern on the financial impact to their companies. We all knew it would work out in the end. And it did. Without the tremendous partnering commitment on this project, this job would never have been completed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.” – Dave Crocker, Crocker Architectural Sheet Metal Co., Inc.


There is no question in my mind that the amount of work completed this past summer would not have been accomplished without Partnering.  It was a true model of what Partnering should be.  Again, thank you for the wonderful experience.

Paul C. Gray, Senior Vice President, NEMSI (Connecticut College)

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