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Women in Construction: Interview with Heather Silveira

What advice would you have for other women pursuing a career in this industry?
The best advice that I could give to a woman pursuing a career in this industry is that you do not need a degree in this field to be successful.  You are not measured by a title or a degree, but rather your drive to constantly grow within your profession and your passion for what you do every day.  But it doesn’t hurt to be on time and under budget!

What resources helped you out the most – a mentor, education, hands-on experience?
Luckily, I have had mentors pave the path for me.  They started by taking a chance on me as a Bid Coordinator and from there, with their help and quite a bit of hands-on experience, I have grown far more than anticipated.  As tough as it was, I will always be appreciative of being “thrown into the fire” because they knew, that it was the best way for me to grow.

Why did you choose a career in construction?
I joined the industry because I have always been hands-on, detail-oriented, and enjoyed being part of the industry that is a platform for a variety of professionals, in the field and in the office.

What impact do you hope to leave on the industry?
I hope to influence our General Contractors, Architects, and Engineers to build in a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable fashion.

Do you feel like you’ve paved the path for other women?
I believe that women are constantly opening doors for one another.  The tight knit community that our office facilitates allows for us to collaborate.  The women I have had the pleasure of working alongside pave the path together.

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